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Our Digital Eisteddfod was a success! Check out our video.

Due to the pandemic, we have had to work very differently this year, in many parts of the curriculum as well as celebratory events. We didn't want the children missing out on one of their favourite days of the year - our school Eisteddfod. We thought long and hard about how the children could still take part in this special day, both at home and in school. Our Foundation Phase children were back in school for their celebrations, and they all had a wonderful day of Welsh festivities within their own class. They were able to share their fantastic work with other classes through the use of Google Teams. Some children in Key Stage 2 have been in their critical worker and vulnerable groups in school, yet most of our older children were still using online learning to support their learning. We created a "Pwyntiau Penri" Welsh Eisteddfod activity sheet where children were able to build up their points from either home or at school, or a mixture of both. The child with the most points in class would win the Eisteddfod medal. The work receive has been outstanding and our children went above and beyond with their creative skills whilst also using their Welsh skills. We celebrated their excellent work by creating a showcase of all the amazing things they did to achieve their points. Gwaith gwych pawb!


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