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Welcome to our Green Team

Welcome to Afon y Felin Primary School's Eco page. Here you will find out all the things we have been up to in order to make our school and environment eco friendly :-)

We took part in the RSPB's annual 'Big Schools Birdwatch' as one of our mission statements is to encourage more wildlife into our school grounds.

We decided to make bird feeders and bird cakes to feed the birds so that they would come to visit our outside environment. We used bird seed, bird nuts and lard and mixed them together to make the feeders. This was a very smelly and messy job! Then we threaded string though a hole in a plastic cup and stuffed the mixture into the cups. We left them in the fridge over night to set and hey presto, we had our bird feeders and cakes ready to place around the school. We hope they looked appetising to the birds!

We chose suitable places to hang the feeders - (places where we would be able to see them easily) and hoped that a variety of different birds would come to visit and feed. We were not disappointed! We watched them come and feed day by day and watched how the numbers increased. We were very pleased with our efforts.

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