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Bike It Committee and Sustrans

At Afon y Felin, we have been very dedicated in developing our school to become healthier and friendlier to the environment.  We have worked closely with Sustrans Wales to enable more of our children to travel to school by bike, scooter and on foot, and last year, we were proud to receive our Sustrans Silver Award.  The Silver Award is awarded to a school that continues to demonstrate its commitment to promoting active and sustainable travel, but with much of the energy and resources coming from within the school and its community. 


Every year, we contonie our Sustrans journey by taking part in the The Big Pedal, which is the UK’s largest inter-school cycling and scooting challenge that inspires pupils, staff and parents to choose two wheels for their journey to school

We at Afon-Y-Felin would like to say a big da iawn for the fantastic efforts in The Big Pedal 2019. Thank you to all who took part in the biggest and best competition yet!  This year in Wales, participating pupils travelled over 380,000km by bike or scooter, the equivalent to almost ten journeys round the world or one trip to the moon! This year our children took part alongside 1,300 participating schools in beating The Big Pedal record by taking part in 1,419,103 journeys by bike or scooter.

Our Bike It crew took part in collecting the information regarding how many children and staff took part in riding their bike or scooter to school each day. We then calculated this information at the end of the week and sent it off to The Big Pedal headquarters where Afon y Felin was added to the national journey total.

We look forward to seeing how active our children and staff will be when we take part again in 2019!

As the Bike It Crew with our Champion, we have held many events including; Christmas Bling where pupils decorated their bikes and scooters, the "Golden Lock" termly to represent cycling equipment as prizes. With parents and the PFA we have organised a scooterthon and many pupils took part in our annual bike repair workshop.

Sustrans Wales Silver Award 2017
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