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Parents Meetings

We feel that contact between parents and teachers is of prime importance to your child’s well being and progression.  If you have any worries or concerns about your child, parents may see the Head teacher on any matter. But it would be helpful if you make an appointment by contacting Miss N. Burling, so that we can work the problems out together. If the matter is of urgency the Head teacher operates an open door policy and if she is available, will see you at any time.  We encourage parents to come into school to spend time in the classrooms and help us with activities such as cooking, sewing, school outings and visits.

We welcome all parents’ interests and have a homework and home/school policy for reading. Home/school tasks or activities take place throughout the year in association with the topic being studied.

Parents are invited to school three times a year to discuss their child’s progress with their class teacher. A report is issued during the summer term and you are invited to discuss this with the class teacher. Please note, these do not contain grades or marks except when end of Key Stage Teacher Assessment has taken place, when levels will be included. You are welcome to discuss your child’s progress at any time during the year upon making an appointment.

Each class leads an assembly each term, to which parents are invited. The children show some of the work they have been doing in the classroom.

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