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School Council

Welcome to our School Council page. Every year on behalf of the school we help to improve our school for everyone.  Our  school council are involved with joint councils of neighbouring schools to improve the community for both our pupils and parents.


Through our joint school council meetings the pupils voiced their concerns regarding traffic congestion outside the school gate. Now we have a new school crossing patrol person to monitor traffic flow and to help children cross the road.  Pupil voice is impacting positively on our community.

As a joint School Council we have met and interviewed many people from the community to voice our concerns.  We have met Councillor J. Tilsley, Madeline Moon MP, Chief Constable Matt Jukes and the Mayor of Bridgend County Council.

The children of Afon y Felin have enjoyed all the playground equipment that was chosen by us, the school council. We are improving our knowledge of finances and now appreciate how difficult it is to make decisions on spending wisely!

Some of our projects we have taken include -

  • Involvement in joint school council meetings

  • Gathering equipment for 'WET PLAY' boxes.

  • Organising national charty events, e.g. Red Nose Day and Children in Need.

  • Meeting the catering service annually. Most recently, we influenced our cooks to provide a wider choice when going on school trips. Secondly, we requested that the catering service considers changing the plain paper bag as we find it the lack of design boring.

  • meeting the school councillors annually to discuss how they can support the governors with improving the school.

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