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The Tech Team

Afon Y Felin is proud of the high standard of ICT that is taught throughout the school, and it now has its own dedicated Tech Team; a group of individuals from years 4 and 5 who are capable of supporting other children and staff in using the technology found in school.  Our band of specialists are able to support and help children in using iPads and Kindles, and also show children how to use dedicated hardware such as our awesome Ozobots, Lego WeDo Kits and the Welsh Government’s HWB.


Every morning they set up classes with the necessary hardware and at the end of the day they make sure that all technology is being charged up ready for the next day.  They have a few tricks up their sleeves when it comes to sending E-mail or taking snapshots of their work and saving it on to their HWB accounts.  Throughout the year they receive extra tuition in the form of lunch time Tech Hero sessions where they can learn even more handy skills to show other staff and children.

This year we will be helping our community in the use of their technology by giving support to our parents on eSafety and helping adults with some of their technical problems. The Tech Team are looking forward to supporting the school even more this academic year.

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