Croeso i dosbarth Deri

Welcome to the Oaks

Hello Dosbarth Deri!

Hope you are all looking forward to returning in September. Year 6 is an exciting and important time for you. It is a very special year and one that will bring you lifelong memories. 


Here are some important things you need to remember to help you achieve your full potential in your final year in primary school. 

    1.    Read daily - independent reading with a good understanding of what you have read is important and a skill you will use a lot in comprehensive school when you undertake independent research for all subjects.

    2.    Quick recall of multiplication tables- maths in year 6 and beyond can start to get tricky but for those who know their multiplication tables really well, maths can be completed with better understanding. Please remember to use J2Blast on HWB to practise them daily. 

    3.    HWB- we do a lot of digital learning on Welsh Government HWB platform, homework will be set using lots of new technology which we will be introducing you to in the Autumn Term.


I am really excited about many of the welsh projects which we have planned and will be relying on some of you to be an active Criw Cymraeg, especially exciting will be our assessment for the Siarter Iaith silver award. Mae hwn yn gyffrous iawn! 


There are high expectations of behaviour and being independent in Year 6, younger children will look up to you and see you as their role models. Uniform is really important as it prepares you for wearing it regularly in the comprehensive school. We are proud of our uniform in Afon Y Felin.


Attendance is also important as good attendance will improve your learning.

We have lots of exciting learning topics to cover through the year. Our classroom may seem a little different and the way we move around the school and carry out our day will be slightly different too but this is to ensure your safety and well-being.

I look forward to welcoming you back,

Mrs Jones