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We have achieved the Siarter Iaith Bronze Award!

The objective of the Language Charter is to promote a strong Welsh ethos in schools and to provide a range of enriching activities that propel the children to enjoy learning Welsh. The Language Charter exhorts participation from every member of the school community and the Criw Cymraeg along with the Welsh lead are instrumental in leading and driving the Language Charter forward.

To ensure that all efforts are rewarded, the Charter is based on the principle that every school follows challenging but attainable targets in connection with promoting the use of the Welsh language. The Language Charter is based on steps that are deemed to be good practice, and that every school should therefore be able to implement.

The targets are broken down into 10 areas 1 – Establishing a Visual Welsh Ethos 2 – The advantages of Learning Welsh 3 – Using incidental Welsh in the Classroom 4 - Using incidental Welsh outside of the Classroom 5 – Welsh in assemblies 6 – Using apps and websites to enhance learning and enjoyment 7 – Enrichment activities 8 – Developing Reading 9 – Using Welsh across the curriculum 10 – A positive attitude

We are pleased to say that Afon y Felin Primary have now achieved the Bronze Award status after being assessed in these 10 areas. The children and staff have worked hard in achieving this status and it shows, as the quality of Welsh is improving year after year. Llongyfarchiadau!

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