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Let's have a blast with J2 Spell Blaster!

Every child in school has their own HWB log-in, which allows them to access their own individual account that has a staggering amount of helpful tools and resources to help them learn in and outside of school time.

The Welsh Government has now released a fantastic new game called J2SpellBlaster, which can be found under the J2E tab. It's a great and also fun way of getting your child to practise spelling high frequency words, as well as their letters and sounds phase specific words. Above all, everything you see within the HWB is free, and your child is able to access it on either a laptop, Android or Apple device....they can even use their Playstation and X Box if it can access the Internet.

If your child has trouble accessing their account, please let their class teacher know and we will get the problem sorted as soon as we can. We can't wait to see your child have hours of fun, whilst also learning!

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