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Building future engineers with The Big Learning Company, one lego brick at a time.

We have recently teamed up with the Big Learning Company to work with us in developing future mathematicians, IT engineers and scientists through STEM projects using specialised Lego Kits. This is how the Big Learning Company describe their work with us…”By taking this agile approach we have been conscious to design an innovative programme that will deliver real impact to the school and also support the wider development of Digital and Creative skills of young people and teachers. “

Our children through years 3 to year 6 have been creating superb lego builds which range from Mylo, the Space Rover to a World War II tank. “These projects are really helping the pupils develop their problem

solving skills and we have seen a lot of improvement in the pupil’s collaboration skills, whilst using Oracy” explains Mr Hughes, our lead teacher in ICT.

We cannot wait to see what other amazing objects the children can build throughout this academic year.

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