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Dear Parents/Carers, 

We hope that you are well and safe at this unprecedented time. We understand that it is a challenging time with the added pressure of home schooling. We are trying are best to provide you with as many fun and educational activities as possible. We have recently created new home learning activity packs that will support you and your child over the coming weeks with the aim of supporting learning and well-being. In the packs we have created there are some fun ideas which can be used with other areas of learning for example making slime or playdough which could then be used to practise letter or number formation. 


On this webpage I have included a variety of activities that could be printed or used from your phone. Your child has worked extremely hard this year and we are so proud of the progress that has been made. As we had begun handing out reading books to the children, it is possible to continue the children’s reading journey by using the Oxford Owl website. – This website has many useful resources for both literacy and numeracy. There are games and activities as well as e-books. The e-books are lined to the Oxford Reading Tree which is the same program that we use in School. Please select your child’s reading level (level 1/1+) to access a range of suitable books. Please also remember to question your children whilst reading to reinforce their understanding of the story. Your child should aim to read a new book each book. If your child is currently reading a picture book and you are unable to access the website, you could choose any story book that you have at home. Encourage your child to tell you the story based on what you see in the picture. The skill that we focus on when reading can be applied with any story book.

Cat School - Describing a scene

In addition to Oxford Owl for reading materials ‘Teach your Monster to Read’ is a great website that supports your child’s reading journey. It provides a variety of games and scenarios that supports letter formation which eventually builds up to reading words. This can be played online for free or it can be downloaded as an app on the iPad. Sign up as a parent and create an account for your child for free.        .


As well as continuing your child’s reading journey I have included a list of activities that you could practise with your child at home. These are familiar activities that we have been working hard at throughout the year. Practising these activities at home will be of a benefit to your child when they return to school. 

  • Recognising and writing their name independently. 

  • Counting and writing numbers to 3. Extend to 5 or 10 when your child is ready. 

  • Learn/recognise their sounds and practice writing them. This could be made fun by practising the formation in shaving foam, slime, gloop etc. examples are included in the home learning pack. 

  • Practise their pencil control and scissor skills. Encourage your child to cut independently using the correct technique.


Reception Children

If you are confident that your child has completed the EYFP home learning pack, then please look at the Year One home learning pack which will provide your child with more challenging activities. In addition to the activities I have listed in the letter above, please continue to work on the list of activities I have included below. 

  • Recognising and forming their letters correctly using the pre-cursive method. I have attached a pre-cursive formation sheet in the Mes Bach folder on HWB. 

  • Continue with your child’s reading journey. Your child has been working hard to learn the names of the characters from their reading book from the list that was handed out last term. If you require an additional copy, I have included a grid with a list of the characters in the ‘Mes Bach’ folder on HWB. 

  • Once your child recognised all of their sounds, it is possible to begin CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words. A CVC word is built up of three letters which can be ‘sounded out’ easily. An example of this would be cat … c-a-t,   dog… d-o-g,        dig …. d-i-g. This can be made into a fun activity whereby you ask your child to spell a word for you, listening carefully to the word that is repeated. Once your child is confident spelling the words orally, encourage your child to write the words independently. 

  • Your child has been working very hard on their number recognition and formation in addition to ordering the numbers. Our next step was to find one more and one less of a number to 10 i.e. 'what number is one more than 7'... ‘what number is one less than 9’ etc. If you feel your child is able to do this with great confidence, please work with numbers to 20. 

  • Challenge – You will find a list of ‘High Frequency Words’ in your home learning pack. These are words that cannot be ‘sounded out’. If you are looking for a challenge, please look at the first few words on the list and encourage your child to practise the spelling of these words. 


We hope you are staying safe during this difficult time. If you have any questions or queries regarding the home learning packs, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Take Care, 

Miss Hawker, Mrs Jones, Mrs Bowie and Miss Barnes. 

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